Since 2003 Diversity LawnCare LLC has been maintaining lawns and providing snow removal services to the Indianapolis Area. They specialize in aeration, fertilization, landscaping, leaf removal and snow removal. Recognized throughout Indy for their customer satisfaction and care.

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Brand Strategy

Web Design

Web Development

The Challenge

Lead generation!  The company was at a standstill, new clientele was needed drastically, more conversions were needed from the traffic on the site. Not to mention the ownership and management was changed as well. Diversity Lawn Care has been maintaining lawns for over 14 years. They have also had the same website for just as long.  After the exchanging of ownership, the new owner deemed the website and logo were out of date. Diversity Lawn Care partnered with me to give them an overhaul of everything.

The Challenge

In order to create the demand of leads the this company needed, a strategic approach was necessary. We created this strategy

1. Research their competitors, see what they aren't or are doing compared to Diversity

2. Create a company symbol and voice within the new brand standards

3. Build a website to raise awareness of all the services Diversity provided.

4. Add CTA buttons that direct traffic through the site.

5. Highlight the businesses expertise of maintaining lawns.

6. Promote the special of the month to get customer engagement.

7. Elevate the brand to compete with bigger Lawn Care Companies.

By the brand going a new innovative and modern route. I decided to pick colors that symbolized what the company does and stands for. Bright variations of green signifying healthy growing grass. A shade of blue and white to signify winter services that are provided.

The Logo

This is a lawn care company. The symbol has to pertain to lawns. I got inspiration from a vine and a flower growing from a heap of dirt. What in inspired me about the vine is that it is capable of growing in different ways. I correlated that to the business signifying Diversity has to the potential to grow in different facets. What inspired me about the flower growing form the dirt is that is is a new growth. I correlated that to the company because of the ownership switch. They are basically starting off brand new.

On the left is what the logo looked like prior to the rebrand. On the right is the logo after the rebrand. I created the wordmark with a more modern sans serif  font (Roboto)

The Brand Direction and Voice

I wanted to position Diversity as being experts in everything lawncare. A blog was set up and a newsletter was sent every month to give out tips and knowledge on curating lawns. The voice I implemented for Diversity was that they are different from any other lawn company, the best option. They have the necessary tools to compete with larger competitors. We decided to keep the same tagline from the previous brand, and just change a couple of words around. "EXPERIENCE THE DIVERSE DIFFERENCE TODAY." I decided to use it as a call to action as well as a tagline.  We are daring potential customers to try Diversity Lawn Care.

The Digital Presence

Goals that we defined for the company expressed building a website to raise awareness of all the services Diversity provides, and add CTA buttons that direct traffic through the site and figure out while potential customers were bouncing from the site.

Diversity Lawn Care's Website Before Us

Diversity Lawn Care's Website After Us

On the left side was the old website home page, and on the right is the new homepage. Most of the goals were reached with the new design of the website. There was no structure to the old site it was hard to move around the website. On the redesign I structured the pages to have CTA's to easily drive traffic through the site. I created a specific page dedicated to showing users the spring/summers services provided.  I also created a page that informed users about snow removal services, which not many customers knew was even a service. Goggle analytics was added to oversee why potential customers left the site without being converted.

Mockups created in Photoshop

I designed the site to be more user friendly than the previous. I made the navigation sticky at the top for an easier experience for users.

A. This is the home page - This page gives the user an overview of the site.

B. This is the winter services page - This page informs users about the winter services provided by the company

C. This is the contact page - Gives users different ways to contact Diversity.

D. This is the spring/summer services page - Informs users about summer services provided.

E. Tips for healthy lawn page - Gives users tips and ways to improve their lawn. 🙂

The Marketing

To elevate brand awareness and to get customer engagement we ran a promotion that highlighted 5 and 8hrs cleaning services. Emphasizing the new brand voice I created an ad. The ad put a spotlight on the difference between other competitors and Diversity.

The Impact

Having a new a new user-friendly website, look, brand voice and promotional material, compared to the prior year the service packages sales nearly doubled. Users stayed on the website longer and brand awareness was gained.

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